Roll-on Grab Truck – 15 ton

Roll-on Bin / Tipper / Crane with Grab

The twinsteer Roll-on Grab Truck is an extremely versatile vehicle, equipped with a crane and grab attachment and the ability to carry a high volume bin which can be placed on the ground or inverted for tipping – this truck also has a flat-deck, suitable for general cargo fork-truck loading.


Grab Truck – 10 ton

Tipper / Crane with Grab

Grab Trucks are a great solution for clearing sites where scrap metal has collected on the ground, because they are fitted with cranes with grab attachments, allowing for self-loading.

Skip / Bin Lifter Truck

Skip / Bin Lifter Truck – 12 ton

Skip / Bin Lifter

The Skip / Bin Lifter Truck is typical of the recycling industry throughout the world, due to the convenience afforded to clients in having a regularly serviced medium sized skip to facilitate on-site collection of recyclables, which can be relatively quickly uplifted and removed, leaving an empty skip in its’ place.


Dyna – 4 ton

Drop-sides / Crane

The 4t Dyna is suitable for local transport of non ferrous items and medium weight ferrous loads, in a quick and convenient fashion. Equipped with drop-sides, these vehicle are suited to fork-truck access and some are fitted with a hydraulic crane for heavy lifting.


LDV Bakkies – 1/2 Ton

Suitable for small collections.

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