Prices WEF:19-Mar-20  
Ferrous / steel scrapProductCityCountry
ISRI 236 (1x0.5m >6mm)P&ST00
ISRI 242 (0.5x0.5m >6mm)BLST00
C/iron small ISRI 257CAST00
C/iron large ISRI 255LCI00
ISRI 201 (1x0.5m >6mm)HMS100
ISRI 205 (1x0.5m >3mm)HMS200
Unprocessed heavyF-STEEL00
Fe LaminationsLAMS00
ISRI 208 N/black balesNBB100
ISRI 207 N/black looseNEWB00
ISRI 209 balesOBB100
OBB2 ISRI 214 balesOBB200
Subgrade looseOLDB00
ISRI 220 Fe shavingsSHAV00
Strapping / wireGALV00
Tin plate looseTINP00
ISRI 213 UBC balesUBCS00
Subgrade uncleanDESTR00
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